We know that clothes influence the way you feel.

That’s why Kaya Turello has a vision; to empower fellow women with a confidence-boosting range of power attire, designed with one purpose: to unlock positive self-confidence, so you can blaze a new trail – every day. 

Our contemporary capsule collection embraces individuality. Conforming to the highest quality and ethical standards, each European-made item offers unlimited possibilities: timeless, trusted power pieces that maximize style potential – with minimal wardrobe space.

Whatever situation you’re in, whether it’s a last-minute pitch, client consultation or boardroom battlefield, every unique piece will keep you feeling poised for success, because we know that when you look good, you feel great and achieve your best.  

As we continue to grow our collection, we will add new styles and colours, letting each item you choose become a solid foundation, a staple that works with a variety of outfits and can be built on for seasons to come.

Across the world, exceptional women are exploiting their courage and conviction, leading the way for others to follow and we want you to look as fierce as you feel doing it.

Welcome to power dressing for the 21st century.